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There is something that I’ve learned through loving you. And that is, the fact that the sexiest kind of relationship in this world is true friendship between a man and woman.

—Jo Dong Min (via riotanitnot)


-Why did you cry?

 -I’ve been thinking.

-About what?

-Later, when I start loving you, I’ll tell you. what I thought about today. And how selfish, bad I am. If you still say that you love me then, then I’ll believe you when you say that you love me. But not today.

-But still. I love you.


"I heard men get them, too."


윤미래 - 너를 사랑해
Yoon Mi Rae - I Love You
It’s Okay, That’s Love OST Part 6

Hangul :

오랜시간 함께라서 내 친구로 난 너무도 편했었어 
이게 사랑인줄 모르고 지냈어 그래 그래왔어 

널 못보면 보고 싶고 내 꿈속에 니가 자꾸만 나타나고 

매일 잠도 못자 눈물로 지냈어 너의 거절이 난 두려워서 

오늘도 또 또 못하는 그말 

집앞에 서서 준비했던 말 
나 꿈에서라도 그 꿈에서라도 
너의 눈을 보며 고백하고 싶은 소중한말 

내일은 정말 꼭꼭 해보고 싶은말 

용기조차 없어 못했던말 
나는 겁이 나서 너무 무서워서 
니가 멀어질까 오랫동안 못했던말 

너를 사랑해  (Read more…)

I sleep in a bathtub instead of a bed, and my mom sleeps in her cold living room with the windows open every night, even in winter. And the fact that my brother has spent the last fourteen years of his life in prison… I don’t have the courage to share those stories with any other woman but you. Even after hearing and witnessing all that about my life, you don’t feel disgust or pity toward me. Do you think there’s another woman out there who can listen like that and like me for who I am, like you? I don’t think there is. Hae-soo, if you know of another woman like that, please tell me, so I won’t have to cling to you as much.

It’s Okay, It’s Love, Ep12 (via giveittotheocean)