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It’s so funny that i dreamt about Taemin last night. He was at some event with a mascot and open to picture taking with fans so i went to snap pics with him. I talked to him etc and i don’t know why but he gave me a kiss on the cheek. @_@
And so i was flailing and freaking excited about it haha. And i had a DSLR on my hands so i continually snapped pics of him. Got a selca with him too like what the shit is this even possible! And then it was just me and him in the room (apparently not many fans knew about the event) so i asked him to stand still to let me snap pics of him. So i snapped away and continuously clicked the shutter and HE EVEN POSED FOR ME ARGHHH.

Too bad it was all a dream but better a dream than never right? HAHA.

A normal conversation between a man and his pineapple bag

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And so i actually dreamt of Siwon last night. This was pretty bizarre cause i’m not even an ELF.
Siwon was like speaking Chinese to me and i was like WOAHH, you even have an accent hahaha.
I ended up begging him to ask SHINee to visit my house too hahaha. ;_;

Thank you for the past 2 months! 
Secretly hoping for season 2 huhu. T_T

Thank you for the past 2 months!
Secretly hoping for season 2 huhu. T_T


Sookwang has respect for Jaeyeol and after finding out that Jaeyeol has schizophrenia he takes it rather well (granted the two of them have only known each other for a few months). This is because Sookwang doesn’t see his mental illness as a handicap. Although it can prevent him from functioning as a ‘normal human’ at times he doesn’t let this define who he is. That is why he treats Jaeyeol the same both before and after because he hopes that Jaeyeol can do the same. 


It’s Okay, That’s Love Episode 15

This is by far the best drama I’ve seen ever. The casting for this drama is amazing and the storyline is incredible.

I’ve cried so much during this drama and will probably do some more crying at tomorrow’s last episode.

Props to D.O. for doing such an amazing job as Kang Woo. That last scene was heartbreaking.

it’s full of a happiness, i like it :)

the dress code is yellow but it seems writer-nim and soo kwang hyung made kang woo to following their step as always until the end hahahah